May 2016 Mind of the Missionary

Thank you for your prayers. Been through a difficult time, but am much improved. Thanks also for those who have picked up the slack and kept the work of the association going in my absence from the office. Among the things on my mind in recent days have been setting up the association to transition to a new leader when I retire, celebrating in 2017 the coming of the Gospel Light to Pickens County, and getting in place a plan to help the ladies at the prison successfully return to society.

My first day out was a Saturday at the Baptist Center Thrift Store. I was again impressed with how the needs of needy persons are being met by this ministry. We were able to provide resources to a displaced lady and her child to get started in a new place. I rejoiced as many donations were brought in. I hope that you all will do likewise as you do some spring cleaning.

The next day I worshiped at Springhill. Good service. We are blessed with some wonderful congregations with excellent pastors who bring Bible based sermons and provide a feast of biblical truth. This was followed by dinner at the Farmstead in Columbus.

Monday evening I attended, with more than 100 other persons, the Thank You God Rally. It was a wonderful event. We heard testimonies about how God had protected and how He had blessed through the storm. Recovery needs to involve both material and spiritual issues. Thanks to Charlie Wilson and Aliceville First for hosting this event.

Then Tuesday I attended the meeting of the unmet needs committee. Good progress is being made in Sapps, but it will be a long process.

If you need gifts for Mother’s Day, Graduates, or Father’s Day, we have lots of great gifts at great prices. We also have baby, wedding, and anniversary gifts. All proceeds go to support our prison ministries. Come by the office Monday thru Wednesday from 10 to 2.

Looking forward to a great summer filled with Vacation Bible Schools, mission trips, work in Sapps, and revivals.  Thanks again for your prayers.

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