December 2020 Mind of the Missionary

Mind of the Missionary


December 2020


“Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” (Philippians 4.11)



As we begin the Christmas season(although many websites and stores started way before Halloween), the stress seems to build. Every commercial is tempting us to buy this or that. Even Hallmark has bought into the idea…there is that “perfect gift” for everyone. That’s just a lot of pressure. No wonder there’s so much depression and desiring for the Christmas season to end. Folks are trying to please family and friends with “the perfect gift”. Now, am I a Scrooge? NO!! But, there is a simpler way.


All of chapter 4 of Philippians is Paul’s plea for the Philippians to “stay true to the Lord” (v.1). Now, that’s a tough one to fulfill. However, Paul showed us that contentment in whatever situation we live is the secret to life. Of course, you can’t be content if you don’t know Christ, or if you’re caught up in the rat race of this world.


Envy is a powerful persuader. When you see what someone else has, it can be easy to desire what he has received. Envy even causes resentment of another person’s possessions, qualities, or life-style. For some, this envy may lead to actions which can put not only one’s life in danger  but also the life of one’s family and friends.


In this fourth chapter of Philippians, Paul states “Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all that He has done.”(4.6b)  Now, this brings contentment. It takes the worry, the fretting, and the running around out of our hands, and puts it in the hands of the One who can handle it much better than we can or ever will.


May your Christmas season be one of contentment and joy as you seek first the Lord and allow Him to meet your needs!


Until next month,


Bro. Lyle