February 2018 Mind of the Missionary

I’ve always loved the parables of Jesus. Each one has a principle or a teaching about the Kingdom of God. Some of my favorites are the mustard seed and leaven. (Matthew 13.31 – 33) These twin parables show that small beginnings have big endings. This point has been seen throughout scripture from Adam to the early church. As a matter of fact, unbelievers described believers in the early church as “those who turned the world upside down”. Can you believe that? A small group of believers were able to turn the world upside down in a few years.

That started me thinking, what would it take for our churches to turn Pickens Baptist Association upside down? I don’t have all the answers, but I think there are a few things our association can do to prepare itself for an “upside down” movement of God through a few small beginnings. First, our churches must be united in prayer. There is nothing more important and more difficult than prayer. This means prayer that opens our minds and hearts to see with God’s eyes what He is doing around us. As our pastors, leaders, and members pray for one another to see what God is doing around us, then our churches will be united in purpose.

Next, as we all see what God is doing in our association of churches, we need to join Him. This can be done in a number of ways through Sunday school outreach, evangelism, discipleship, men’s, women’s, youth, and children’s ministries, church revitalization, church planting, etc… However, will we, as His 34 churches, fulfill these purposes? Or will we just see a few of His churches go forward?

During 2018, Pickens Baptist Association will have many opportunities in each of these areas. Some are at different stages of growth, like the mustard seed or leaven, until they have big endings. Will we not pray for our churches to be united? Will we not join God where He is working to fulfill His purposes? As we pray together and join God where He is working, may PBA be turned upside down as we see small beginnings have big endings.


Until next month,


Bro. Lyle

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