The Baptist Center

The Baptist Center Store is a ministry of the 36 churches that comprise the Pickens Baptist Association. It has been in ministry for more than a decade. It is located in the old Simpson Store Building in the Stansel community on State Route 17, about half way between Reform and Carrollton. Items for sale at this store are donated by persons of all faiths, mostly residents of Pickens. You can get donation credits for items given to the store. Ask for a form when you bring items. Financial donations can be made also. Funds received by the center are used to pay the rent and utilities of the store, and to fund benevolences. Each year about 100 families are helped through these benevolences.

The store is open most days, except Sunday, from 9am until 2pm but you may wish to call before coming, 205-375-2518. If you have a spiritual need, the clerks will be of assistance and/or can make a referral.Currently we are experiencing some needs in our food pantry. Donations of any of the following items would be greatly appreciated:

Meats : Beef stew, Spam, Vienna sausages, chicken and dumplings, corned beef hash, canned chicken, salmon and tuna
Meat substitutes : Peanut butter, macaroni and cheese
Staples : Flour, meal, sugar, oatmeal, grits


phone: 205-367-8632

mail: PO Box 206 Carrollton, AL 35447

address: 250 Reform St. Carrollton, AL 35447

About Pickens Baptist Association of West Alabama

The Pickens Baptist Association is a family of 36 Baptist congregations in west Alabama. The Association sits east of Columbus, Mississippi, and west of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It cooperates with the Alabama Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. It is a rural missions environment and has a long and proud history of sending its members out into the international missions field.