Prayer Walk

attendees of the prayer walk

More than 50 persons from the churches of Pickens County walked the main streets of Aliceville, Alabama, Saturday, December 5th, praying for the town and its people. This was the first of a series planned for the first Saturday morning of each month. The next prayer walk will begin at City Hall on January 2nd at 9am.
Leaders of the prayer walk were pastor Jack House and Terry Billings. Jack is vice moderator and Terry the chairman of evangelism for the Pickens Baptist Association.

Some of the topics about which the walkers prayed were as follows:

  1. Salvation for those in the town who have not acknowledged Jesus as their Lord and Savior;
  2. Spiritual Growth and maturity for the Christians in the town.
  3. For Christians to see the opportunities for ministry and evangelism provided by the openning of a Federal Prision for Women in Aliceville in May of 2011.
  4. Understanding of the consequences of a proposed vote on whether or not to allow the sale of alcohol and the opening of saloons and juke joints in the town.
  5. Asking that the opening of the prison will, indeed, result in economic improvement in Aliceville.
  6. For the cultural barriers which divide the town to come down.
  7. That all Christians will take seriously the commands to love God and love their neighbors at least as well as they love themselves.
  8. That the polical and ecnomic leaders of the town will be driven by the Christian teachings regarding right, goodness, and justice.
  9. That greed will be overcome in the hearts of those pushing for the sale of alcohol.
  10. That civility will character all interpersonal relationships.